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Copyright Notice

The intellectual property rights and copyrights of each template, design and menu available for free download on plantillashtmlgratis.com belong to the respective designer or developer of such template, design and menu.

Copyright information for the templates, layouts and menus can be found on the respective designer’s, developer’s or author’s websites. There is a standard attribution link within all templates, layouts and menus to the designer’s or developer’s website. This attribution link is usually located in the footer of the template.

For more information on the copyright and/or IPR of individual templates, layouts or menus, please visit the respective designer’s or developer’s website.

plantillashtmlgratis.com does not credit or claim ownership, copyright or IPR in any way for any template, design or menu displayed or submitted to our website, unless we/we created it.

We are only credited for items that we have specifically created for us or when an agreement has been reached between plantillashtmlgratis.com and the designer or developer.

plantillashtmlgratis.com works closely with a variety of developers whereby plantillashtmlgratis.com converts some CMS or blog templates into free static CSS templates. With this work, we are granted permission to add a credit link to such template/s.

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Terms of Use of Templates, Designs and Menus

Plantillashtmlgratis.com offers free CSS templates, layouts and menus from various web designers and developers from all over the web.

General terms of use can be found on or at:

Developer/Designer’s website.
ZIP/RAR/7Z file downloaded.
Possibly within the preview page.
All free CSS templates, layouts and menus presented on plantillashtmlgratis.com are distributed under some form of GNU/GPL, Creative Commons, author-specific or public domain end-user license.

The copyright of the templates, layouts and menus included on plantillashtmlgratis.com belong entirely to the author/developer/designer thereof, unless otherwise noted.